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   Camping Regulations 

Rules of the Ohio Department of Health section 3701-25-55 state that Recreational Vehicles and Portable camping units shall be separated by a minimum of 15 feet from all other recreational vehicles, portable camping units, and flammable structures.  Camping units must be parked at the front of center of each lot and comply with the 15 foot ruling.  All campsites are 25’ X 40’.

 One camper, trailer, tent, bus or any other unit per lot.  Not more than one car or similar component of transportation per campsite.

 Campers will not be allowed on grounds until 8:00 AM, the Wednesday before the event.

 One electric hook-up per lot (if available) and must have 14-gauge drop cord and 3-prong plug.

 **All motorized vehicles must have proof of Insurance. **

 **All vehicles must be operated by licensed drivers. **

 All unauthorized motor vehicle traffic must cease between the hours of 1:00 am and 6:00 am each day!   

 Fire lanes must be kept open at all times.

 All units must have adequate fire extinguishers. All units must have adequate fire extinguishers.

 Trash must be put into trash bags and placed along the roadside prior to going to the event.  (Trash will be picked up while the event is going on.)

 Open fires prohibited, must be contained in a fire ring. (excluding charcoal grills)

 There are no water or sewer hook-ups.  Anyone allowing any wastewater or sewage to be discharged on the grounds is subject to immediate eviction.  A dump station is provided for all trailers.

 Pets are permitted if kept on a leash and quiet.  All pets are to be registered upon entry.

 The management is not responsible for accidents or injury to guests, or for loss of money, jewelry or valuables of any kind.

 Persons in an intoxicated condition may be asked to leave.

 **Underage drinking laws will be enforced!**

 Anyone acting in an unruly manner or who does not conform to these rules will be asked to LEAVE!

Safety Regulations


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